Harness the power of time

OK, we admit that tagline might sound a little silly - but we truly did design TimeSpotter with the aim of letting you have real control over your timer options. Simple and straight-forward, it contains just the stuff you need and nothing you don't. Includes an interval timer, a countdown timer and a stopwatch so all your bases are covered. We made it to be used as a fitness tool, but find it useful in other areas as well such as productivity, meditation, and cooking.

TimeSpotter is FREE to download on iOS and Android.


TimeSpotter Premium

For about the cost of a cup of coffee, TimeSpotter has a one-time in-app purchase that gives you access to these premium features:

Save programmed timers - save yourself the hassle of setting up your timer each time by saving it and quickly accessing it later

Unlimited timers - save as many timers as you need

Samsara timer - create a timer with a periodic sound, perfect for meditation and yoga

Previous split times - race against yourself by having your previous splits alongside your current times

No ads - obviously, right?


A portion of all proceeds from TimeSpotter and all other Happy Lifting Co. products are donated to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) - because a healthy body includes a healthy mind.