Which currency are items displayed in?

The default currency on our site is Canadian dollars (CAD). However, you can display prices in other currencies by using the currency selector in the top menu. Please note that while checking out, orders will always be shown in CAD.

How do I leave feedback for an app?

If you’re enjoying the app, we would love it if you could take a minute and leave a review in the app store. By doing so, you can help cut through the clutter and allow other lifters to find the app.

If you're not satisfied with our app, or would like to request a feature to make it even better for everyone, simply contact us through the feedback button in the app or via our Contact Us section.

Who is Classy Jackal?

OK, so not actually a FAQ, but you may have noticed our apps are developed by “Classy Jackal Inc.” This is the former name of Happy Lifting Co. We still develop apps under this name, but rest assured, it is us.