Shredded Fat Loss Program

Shredded Fat Loss Program

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Losing weight is hard work, sure, but it's also surprisingly easy. But doing so in a healthy and sustainable way can be difficult for many people. It's true, you have to maintain a caloric deficit to lose fat. There just isn't a way around it. But, maintaining a caloric deficit isn't as simple as it may seem. How you achieve it and how you sustain it is the hardest part. That's why we made this.

This 118 page e-book is packed full of information that's needed to succeed in losing fat in a healthy and sustainable way. It includes complete meal plans and grocery lists so that you can hit the ground running. It explains that there are ways of programming your exercises to ignite a metabolic afterburn so that you burn more calories at rest than you otherwise would. You even get complete exercise programs to follow and the information you need to create your own.

From losing a combined total of over 140 pounds, this book is packed full of pragmatic and useful knowledge and advice. The first 80 pounds I lost was not done in a healthy way. My mental health suffered, I had body image problems, and even hair loss as a result of the methods I used. Later, due to other illness, I gained back some weight and eventually went on to lose another 40 pounds. But this time around I focused on doing so in a healthy and sustainable manner. After that, I switched to focusing on strength and eventually decided a cut was in order. I lost an additional 20 pounds of body fat while maintaining other goals. 

This e-book will explain everything I did right and wrong. It will help you avoid the pitfalls of mental illness and body image problems and provide you with useful mental exercises to increase mental fortitude. This program is useful for anyone who wants to lose fat, and explains how to do so even when you have other fitness goals such as bulking up or increasing or maintaining strength.

Losing fat is easy once you have the proper information. This program provides that information.


A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this item and all other Happy Lifting Co. products are donated to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health - because a healthy body includes a healthy mind.